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WWE Money In The Bank 2017 (6/18) St. Louis, Missouri

WWE Money In The Bank 2017 (6/18) St. Louis, Missouri

WWE Money In The Bank Kick-Off Show


Zack Ryder starts things off against Epico. Side headlock by Ryder and Ryder off the ropes with a shoulder block. Kick by Epico and Ryder catches him with a dropkick. Mojo Rawley in and some double teaming by The Hype Bros. Clothesline by Rawley and Epico drives him into the corner.

Primo in delivering a chop which has no effect. Rawley gets a "He Ain't Hype" chant going. Slam by Rawley, Epico who tagged in gets nailed with the Broski Boot


Nearfall by The Colons and Epico working over Ryder with a half crab. Single leg DDT and Epico prevents the tag. Right hand by Ryder who fights his way out of the corner. Ryder gets cut off the second rope and another nearfall. Epico working over the leg and again prevents Ryder from getting the tag. Primo back in delivering series of single leg DDT's

Ryder with a neckbreaker giving him the opening he needs to make the tag and he does and Rawley is in unloading on Primo with clotheslines. Splash in the corner, Rawley goes for another splash but runs into a boot. Rawley picks Primo up for the Hyper Drive. Broski Boot to Epico. Double team by The Hype Bros as Rawley tags Ryder. Rawley picks up Primo and Ryder delivers the Ruff Ryder for the three count

The winners of the match: The Hype Bros


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Money In The Bank Intro

Welcome to WWE Money In The Bank 2017 ans we are live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri and tonight we will see not one but two Money In The Bank Ladder match. The first is the Money In The Bank Ladder match for an opportunity at the WWE Championship and the second will be historic as we will see the first ever Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match. And that match will open tonight's show as we go to ringside


Tamina is left alone in the ring as the other 4 women slide to the outside to bring the ladder into play early on in the match. A ladder is slid into the ring and Tamina picks it up but Charlotte with a big boot to Tamina and Carmella. Natalya with a discus clothesline.

Charlotte with a fallaway slam to Natalya. Tamina with a samoan drop to Carmella. Tamina with a superkick to Natalya and she picks the ladder up setting it in the corner. Slingshot to Natalya into the ladder

Kick to Becky and another ladder is set up but Becky back to her feet and she drops the ladder on Becky. Charlotte takes out Tamina and delivers a boot to Natalya. Charlotte drives the ladder into Tamina and Natalya sends Charlotte to the outside. Becky sends the ladder down on Tamina

Tug of war over the ladder between Natalya and Becky and they take out Tamina. Becky wins the tug of war but Natalya with a slam to Becky on the ladder and Becky rolls out o fthe ring. Ladder is set up as Natalya climbs up going for the briefcase and Charlotte trying to shake the ladder but is kicked off. Charlotte grabs the leg picking Natalya up on her shoulders for an electric chair drop

Charlotte positions the ladder and up she goes but Carmella whips her down. Carmella and Charlotte now battling over the ladder and Carmella goes to the opposite side but Charlotte climbs up and exchange of punches between Charlotte and Carmella. Charlotte bounces Carmella's head off the ladder and Tamina back in tips the ladder over.

Natalya using the ladder on Tamina as the crowd begins a "This Is Awesome" chant. Natalya with the sharpshooter on Becky and Carmella breaks it up. Charlotte throws Carmella to the mat. Butterfly suplex by Natalya

Becky climbs up the ladder in the corner but Carmella pulls her off. Carmella positioning the ladder and she makes her way up the ladder but Charlotte rips her down from the ladder and connects with a boot. Charlotte takes out Becky and it's Charlotte scaling the ladder once more.Becky climbs up the ladder in the corner but Carmella pulls her off. Carmella positioning the ladder and she makes her way up the ladder but Charlotte rips her down from the ladder and connects with a boot. Charlotte takes out Becky and it's Charlotte scaling the ladder once more.
Tamina stopping Charlotte as she makes her way up and a headbutt takes Charlotte down. Charlotte and Tamina on opposite sides of the ladder and a spear sends Tamina rolling out of the ring. Another spear by Charlotte driving her into the steps. Charlotte kicks Carmella away and Charlotte on the top turnbuckle takes out Tamina and Natalya
Carmella up the ladder once more but Becky picks her up and delivers a powerbomb. Becky climbing up and she has a hand on the briefcase but it's James Ellsworth who tips the ladder over sending Becky toppling against the top rope to the outside.
Ellsworth positions the ladder and scales the rungs grabbing the briefcase dropping it to the mat next to Carmella

The winner of the match and the first ever Miss Money In The Bank: Carmella

Promo: Great Balls Of Fire - July 9

Backstage: Lana said the women are lucky she wasn't in that match because the ending would have been different. She's glad everyone's backing Naomi because tonight she shocks the world by defeating Naomi


New Day cut a promo on The Usos saying Smackdown is not The Usos' state pen but it is New Day's playpen and they keep their playpen spotless and tonight there will be new WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Champions

Waistlock by Kingston into a side headlock. Kofi caught in a wristlock counters it with a neafall. Jey Uso with a right hand and a slam. Jey off the ropes gets tripped up by Kingston. Kofi with a right hand and tag to Big E who hits the big splash from the apron.

Kingston with a kick off the ropes. Jey misses a clothesline and Jimmy pulls the top rope down sending Kingston to the outside. Clothesline by Jimmy to Kingston.

The Usos picks Kingston up and hit a suplex against the ring post. Kingston is rolled back into the ring and chinlock applied on Kofi by Jimmy

The Usos in control and Kingston with a knee gets the tag and Big E with belly to belly suplexes to Jimmy and Jey. Big splash countered with a superkick and right hand. Big E slams Jey to the mat. Kofi misses with Trouble In Paradise. Kingston's leg is taken out and Jey with a half crab. Suicide dive by Jimmy but Big E with an overhead suplex and Jey keeping Big E on the outside.

Superkick countered by Kofi locks in a submission of his own. Jimmy is knocked to the outside. SOS by Kingston to Jey. Superkick to Kofi and Jey to the top is caught by Big E and Jey gets dropped with the Big Ending but Jimmy breaks it up

Xavier on the apron with the distraction. Jey gets sent over the ropes to the apron. Double knee by The Usos. Big E sends them over the top rope. Kingston to the top rope takes The Usos out. Jey back in and they hit The Midnight Hour for a nearfall as Jimmy pulls Jey out of the ring. And The Usos make their way to the timekeeper area leading to a count out

The winners of the match by count out: The New Day

Naomi quickly tossed Lana in the corner and worked her over with punches and kicks.  Lana yanked her hair and slammed her to the mat. Naomi returned that shot and drilled her with a forearm, then ran her into the turnbuckles.  Lana ducked a cross bodyblock off the ropes and Lana scored a two count.  Lana snapped her knee across the top rope when Naomi went for a kick.

Naomi went to the floor and Lana, well, tossed her back in.  She scored a few two counts and cinched in an armbar.  Not strong early on.  Lana choked her against the ropes.  This is the first match thus far well you can feel the crowd interest dying the longer the match went on.   She began trying for a knee submission but Naomi turned it into an armbar submission

Naomi made a comeback and hit two kicks to the head.  Naomi called for the Rear View but Lana kicked at her leg.  Lana was nailed with it anyway and scored a two count.  This is way too long.    Lana nailed her sitout spinebuster finisher but Naomi kicked out. 
Carmella's music hit and she came to the ring with an official and James Ellsworth. She teased cashing in but then changed her mind and walked off. That was pretty funny. Naomi hit a sunset flip and turned into a submission to score the win.

The winner of the match: Naomi

Fandango has his phone and he says he needs the forensics now. Fandango says they are going to catch the dirtbags. They get a fax and it freaks out Tyler. It is upside down and it tells him to open the door. Tyler gets a VHS tape and Fandango asks if it is from Colosseum.

The video tells them to come to the ring to find out who it was. Tyler says they have been challenged to a match. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis make their way to the stage. Maria introduces herself and Mike introduces himself as Mike Kanellis.  Maria says you are not seeing things. The first lady is back. Maria says for seven years she has been searching for the perfect partner. Mike says she found him. Maria says she is here to educate everyone on Smackdown Live about the Power of Love.

We take a look back at the finish of the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Shane McMahon also addressed the controversy on Twitter. We have a video package for the WWE Title Match.
We are introduced to the wrestling legends at ringside.  They are Greg Gagne, Larry Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Sergeant Slaughter, Cowboy Bob Orton, and Ric Flair.


They lock up and Orton with punches and forearms and a head butt.  Mahal with an Irish whip and Orton tries for an RKO but Mahal gets out of the way and goes to the floor to regroup.  Mahal calls the Singhs for a discussion session.  Mahal returns to the ring and Orton with a Thesz Press and then he drops Mahal on the top rope.

Orton with the Garvin Stomp.  Orton with an elbow and then he clotheslines Mahal over the top rope.  Orton clotheslines Mahal on the floor and the Singhs run away from Orton.  Orton sends Mahal into the announce table.  Orton sends Mahal back into the ring and Mahal gets to the apron.

Orton with a kick and he sets for the hanging DDT.  The Singhs get on the apron and Mahal with a back body drop that sends Orton to the floor and Orton holds his knee.  Mahal pulls the referee out of the way to go after Orton.  Mahal with a punch and he targets the knee.
Mahal with kicks to the injured knee and he breaks the count.  Orton with a kick and Mahal Irish whips Orton shoulder first into the ring steps.

Mahal sends Orton into the ring.  Mahal puts the leg in the ropes and he adds pressure to the knee.  Orton is sent to the floor and Mahal follows.  Orton with a kick and head butt.  Orton with a back drop driver onto the ringside barrier and Mahal falls into Cowboy Bob's lap.  Mahal sends Orton into the announce table.  Mahal with an atomic drop to the knee using the table.  Mahal slams the leg onto the announce table.  Mahal sends Orton back into the ring.  Mahal kicks Orton in the leg.
Orton with punches and a kick.  Orton with a fallaway slam but Orton holds his knee as Mahal falls to the floor.  Mahal kicks Orton in the knee and he drops Orton's knee onto the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring and Orton goes for an RKO but Mahal escapes and he hits a round kick for a near fall.  Mahal with kicks to the leg and he continues to work on the knee.  Mahal with a leaping knee drop to Orton and then he tries for the figure four leg lock.  Orton rolls over and reverses the hold.
Mahal gets to the ropes and Orton releases the hold.  Mahal with kicks to Orton and he works on the leg.  Mahal sends Orton's knee into the mat.  Mahal with a step over toe hold.  Mahal continues to work on the knee.  Orton with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Mahal with a clothesline.  Mahal puts Orton on the turnbuckles and he sets for a superplex in front of the man who used it so well in his career..  Orton with a head butt.  Orton puts Mahal on the turnbuckles.  Orton with forearms to the back and he sets for the superplex and he hits it but Orton holds his knee and he cannot make the cover.  Orton gets a near fall.  
Mahal with a punch but Orton with a kick.  Mahal with a kick and Orton punches Mahal.  Mahal with a head butt and Orton with a European uppercut.  Mahal and Orton go back and forth with forearms and European uppercuts.  Orton with two clotheslines.  Mahal misses a clothesilne and Orton with a power slam.  Orton goes to Mahal on the apron and he sets for the hanging DDT.  Orton hits it and then he looks around to get the energy to go for the RKO.
Orton twists to the mat and he pounds the mat and hits the RKO but Mahal's leg is on the ropes, thanks to the Singhs.  Orton tells the referee not to disqualify Mahal.  The referee decides to send them to the back.  Mahal falls to the floor during this argument.  The Singhs leave on the side of the legends who applaud their exit.  The Singhs go to the legends and they grab Orton but Randy hits the Singhs and send them into the ring post and hit a European uppercut.  They are sent into the ringbell area.  Orton throws one of the Singhs onto the announce table and it breaks.  Orton grabs the other Singh and he punches him on the announce table and then he hits an RKO.  Orton gets on the announce table and he hits a running RKO through a table.
Orton returns to the ring and Mahal with a kick to the knee followed by the Khallas for the three count.

The winner of the match: Jinder Mahal


Tyler and Viktor start things off and Breeze with punches.  They lock up again and Viktor sends Breeze into the corner but Konnor and Fandango get involved.  Viktor with a Harley Race knee and Konnor gets a few near falls.  Konnor gets a near fall.  Viktor tags in and he gets a near fall.  Viktor with a boot to Breeze.  Viktor with a chop.  Konnor kicks Breeze and follows with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.  Breeze with a kick and Fandango tags in.  Fandango with a forearm to Viktor and chops to Konnor.  Fandango with a spinning heel kick and he goes up top and stops Viktor on the apron. Konnor with a uranage slam for a near fall.

Viktor kicks Fandango and hits a back breaker.  Breeze knocks Konnor off the turnbuckles and Fandango with an inside cradle for the three count.

The winners of the match: Breezango


Baron Corbin attacks Nakamura as he makes his way to the ring and he grabs a ladder.  Corbin hits Nakamura in the ribs with the ladder. He hits Nakamura a second time.  Corbin hits Nakamura a few times with a video camera.  Medical staff checks on Nakamura and Corbin wants the match to start.  

Styles punches Ziggler while Owens and Corbin go after Zayn.  Owens with forearms to Corbin and Corbin fires back.  Zayn and Styles work over Ziggler.  Styles punches Corbin while everyone else goes to the floor.  Owens with a forearm to Zayn and then Ziggler.  Owens sends Ziggler into a ladder on the floor.  Owens and Zayn exchange forearms.  Zayn hits Owens with a ladder and Corbin sends Zayn into the ringside barrier.

We see Nakamura being sent to the back.  Zayn sends Owens into the apron.  Zayn looks around while Corbin and Ziggler work on Styles. Zayn with a flip dive onto Owens.  Styles with punches and chops to Ziggler and Corbin but they stop Styles.  Corbin and Ziggler grab a ladder and they hit Styles with it.  Corbin punches Ziggler.  Corbin drops a ladder on Styles' ribs. Ziggler with a super kick to Corbin.  

Ziggler is sent to the floor.  Owens pulls the ladder out of teh ring.  Zayn with a running clothesline to Owens.  Zayn puts a ladder against the ropes so he can pull it in but Styles hits Zayn from behind.  Styles sends Zayn to the floor.  Styles grabs the ladder but Ziggler stops him.  Ziggler tries to send the ladder into Styles' face but he stop.  Ziggler is pushed into the ring steps.

Ziggler climbs the ladder on the apron and hits Styles when he goes for a springboard move to the floor.
Corbin with Deep Six to Ziggler on the floor.  Zayn with an Arabian Press onto Corbin but Zayn holds his knee.  Styles pulls the ladder into the ring but Owens with a super kick and he punches Styles.

Owens picks up the ladder and he hits Styles in the ribs with it. Corbin and Ziggler get on the apron and Owens knocks them off. Styles with a drop toe hold and Owens falls onto the ladder.
Styles and Owens exchange punches.  Styles sets for a Styles Clash but Owens blocks it and Owens back body drops Styles over the top rope to the floor.  Zayn hits Owens before he can set up the ladder.  

Owens goes to the apron and he drops Zayn on the top rope.  Owens looks around and he goes up top and sets for a swanton onto Ziggler, Corbin, and Styles but Zayn press slams Owens onto the ladder opened on its side and the ladder is bent.

Zayn tries to set up the ladder but he knows it will not work so he throws it to the floor.  Zayn sends a bigger ladder into the ring and something happens on the floor that the camera missed.

Ziggler with a forearm to the back of the head to stop Zayn.  Ziggler sets up a ladder in the corner and he sends Zayn into the ladder.  
Ziggler climbs the ladder and Zayn pulls him off.  Ziggler pulls Zayn off and hits a drop kick.

Ziggler has a super kick blocked and Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Zayn climbs the ladder and Corbin stops him.  Zayn is sent into the ladder by Corbin and the ladder falls down.

Styles with kicks to the leg and a sliding forearm.  Styles sets up the ladder and he starts to climb it.  Corbin climbs the other side and they exchange punches on top.  Corbin with forearms but Styles with a head butt and punches.  Ziggler climbs over Corbin and he knocks Styles off.

Ziggler is on top but Corbin pulls him off. Corbin climbs but Ziggler with a Zig Zag off the ladder.  Ziggler climbs and Styles stops him.  Zayn climbs the other side and Ziggler with an uppercut to Styles.  Zayn and Ziggler punch Styles off the ladder.  Ziggler punches Zayn and Ziggler grabs the case but that exposes Ziggler and Zayn with forearms.  Zayn with a sunset flip power bomb off the top of the ladder and Ziggler falls to the floor.  Owens pulls Zayn to the apron and he tries to power bomb Zayn onto the apron but Zayn lands on the apron and they fight on the apron.  Owens with a forearm but Zayn with a kick.  Zayn tries for a half nelson suplex on the apron but Owens blocks it for a moment but Zayn hits the half nelson suplex. 
Zayn is the only one in the ring and he starts to climb the ladder.  

Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm to knock Zayn off the ladder and the ladder rests against the ropes.  Corbin sends Styles into the announce table a few times.  Corbin sets a ladder on the ring steps and across an announce table.  Styles with an enzuigiri to Corbin.  
Styles with a forearm off teh apron but Corbin catches Styles and hits a choke slam on the ladder.  Zayn with a Helluva Kick to Corbin

Zayn starts to climb the ladder but Ziggerl stops him for a moment. Ziggler is kicked off and Owens grabs the leg and he kicks Zayn in the lower 48.  Owens climbs the ladder but Styles grabs Owens.  
Owens punches Styles and Styles is sent to the apron.  Owens with an elbow and then he sets for a power bomb onto the ladder.  Styles blocks it and he gets Owens on his shoulder for a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder.

Styles climbs the ladder but Ziggler pulls the ladder away while Styles has the briefcase.  Styles cannot unhook the briefcase and he falls face first into the mat.  Corbin sends Ziggler over the announce table and . . . 

Violins play and Nakamura walks slowly to the ring so Corbin does not climb the ladder and he holds it while Nakamura walks to the ring.  Corbin misses Nakamura and Nakamura kicks Corbin.  Nakamura with a drop kick.  Nakamura puts Corbin on the turnbuckles and he connects with a running knee.  Nakamura knocks Corbin out of the ring.  Ziggler runs into a boot and Nakamura with Kinshasa off the turnbuckles and a second one to Ziggler.  Nakamura with a spinning heel kick and a reverse exploder to Zayn.  Nakamura with a running knee to Zayn.  Owens keeps Nakamura from bringing a ladder into the ring.  Nakamura with a running knee to Owens.

Nakamura sets up the ladder in the ring but Styles is on the other side.  They look at each other and they put the ladder aside.  They exchange forearms with each man alternating the advantage.  Styles with strikes and a back fist.  Nakamura goes for a sleeper but Styles escapes.  Nakamura with a reverse sleeper and Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but Styles with a flying forearm.  Styles puts the ladder in the middle of the ring.  Styles prepares to climb the ladder and Nakamura gets on the other side.  Styles gets his hand on the case but Nakamura with a punch.

Styles with a forearm when Nakamura gets his hand on the ladder. Styles and Nakamura with forearms on the ladder.  Corbin pushes the ladder over and Nakamura and Styles hit the ropes.  Corbin climbs and he unhooks the briefcase

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin




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